Welcome to BuzzMachines!

We are a small husband & wife run business with a few employees who specialize in hand made tattoo machine frames, tattoo machines & machine parts / accessories. We have been in operation since early 2004. BuzzMachines is run out of our basement & is open Monday to Wednesday; the other 4 days of the week we manage a busy tattoo/piercing studio, Silverline Tattoo, in Ottawa, Ontario; the capital of Canada.

Buzz, the husband, does all the metal work, design aspects & casting of the business
& Sara, the wife, does all the computer, invoicing & shipping part of the business.All of our tattoo machine frames are sand casted & made of naval brass plus a family mixture of a few other metals. This mixture of metals give good overall strength to the frames & is easy to carve at the same time, a great combination.We must stress that we are not a big manufacturer of tattoo equipment & work on an order to order basis. When you place your order, we give you an estimated time of shipping.

Because we only do this 3 days a week & are not a big company, it can take us anywhere between 3-10 days to ship, if not longer depending on your order & our order volume – we will give you an estimated time of shipping when your order is placed. Please read the page on placing an order. You will find information about shipping, how to place an order & it will give you an idea on how we do business & what you can expect from us. If you have any questions, it is easiest to reach us via email.

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A very big thanks to Castle Finance Direct/Castle Finance.

Shout out to our client from Simply Removals who had a successful tattoo session with us and whose very satisfied with the result.